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Official Launch of Project ECHO website for the State of Louisiana

As of September 30th, we’re online! Check back often to get updates and see the progress of information on our site. Future plans include classroom sessions, online evaluations, mentoring programs, resources, and more.

As our initiative gets underway and grows, this site will also contain exclusive practice support content for healthcare providers and organizations engaged with our ongoing tele-mentoring ECHO service.

Some of the features we plan to implement in the upcoming months:

  • Speaker series / podcast (30 minute conversations)
  • Controlled access to videos / podcasts (need to register for resource)
  • Continuing Education Credits
  • Providers submit deidentified patient info for advance review for sessions.
  • Email pushing (maybe 500)
  • Calendar and signup for field events
  • Lightweight learning management system
  • Testing / transcript / individual level
  • Talk with each other / chat… maybe twitter
  • Feedback tools
  • Learning management
  • Search … e.g. Medication assisted treatment – (internal and external sources)
  • Create / Manage Surveys
  • Become a MAT waiver instructor
  • Host a MAT waiver course
  • Section about mentoring

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