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Success Stories

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Treatment Works

PCSS Treatment Works highlights success stories in the treatment of opioid use disorder.

Ohio County Sees Dramatic Decrease in Overdose Deaths

In the last several months, Hamilton County in Ohio, a diverse area that includes Cincinnati, has seen a 34 percent decrease in opioid-related deaths … Read more

Nurse Practitioners Take Action In Response to Addressing Opioid Crisis

Just recently Boston Medical Center and Massachusetts General Hospital jointly held an 8-hour MAT waiver training, conducted by four NPs and attended … Read more

Trainings in Alaska Result in Positive Impact in Treating OUD

Several communities across the country are utilizing the trainings created by the PCSS grant, funded by SAMHSA, and seeing an increase in evidence-bas… Read more

Don’t Give Up on Your Patients

Such was the case with one of his patients, who had “tried everything” to stop drinking but only recently found the inner strength and the necessa… Read more

Emergency Dept’s Collaboration with Clinic Critical to Success OUD Outcomes

Perhaps a social worker will hand a patient a pamphlet on addiction or treatment, or in some cases, the ED may even administer a dose of buprenorp… Read more

Breaking Opioid’s Hold One Patient at a Time

Melinda Goodwin works with OUD patients for a non-profit organization in Pennsylvania, a state hit hard by the opioid misuse epidemic. In 2015, more t… Read more

MAT, Combined with Counseling, Working for North Carolina Woman

Lona, 43, began drinking alcohol excessively when she was just 11 years old while spending the weekend drinking with her father. She realized even at … Read more

OUD Patient Benefits from Two Research Studies

John came to the Veteran’s Administration (VA) in Seattle seeking help. Because of the VA’s long wait list for treatment slots for patients with opioi… Read more

Opioid Use Disorder is a Tenacious Disease

A 19-year-old woman with OUD (IV heroin), a history of depression and self-harm presented to Harborview Medical Center’s Addiction Services in Seattle… Read more

Counseling and MAT Saved her Patient’s Life

It may be an all too familiar story, and one that often ends in tragedy. But this time, Michael got lucky. Not only did have a family support, he had … Read more

Being There When it Mattered Most

Her dad was committed to his daughter and stayed in touch, but was fearful of taking the drastic step of of going to the courts to have her committed … Read more